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Great people to work with. Wonderful support.Recommend this Company to anyone.

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Kary McNeal, on Google

I was well respected by the doctor and receptionist, hearing test was thorough and new hearing aid care was given. Overall, a pleasant experience.

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Kathleen Wagner, on Google

Very good experience.

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Dixie Brown, on Google

Such a great little quaint place. Quality care and kind people.

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Olivia Taylor, on Google

Procedure helped my vertigo go. I only have a short dizzy spell when getting up too fast.

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Brenda Parsons, on Google

Very nice people

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Janet Themer, on Google

Great staff, caring and attentive your needs. My hearing aids needed repair and cleaning and the turnaround was awesome. (two and a half hours)

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Johnny Ashley, on Google

Very happy with every aspect of my visit. Receptionist smiling, makes you feel welcomed. Wait time is brief. Dr. Gordon answeredvevery question. Checked and replaced hearing aide filter, cleaned, and tested my equipment. Connected my telephone toy hearing aids so I am ab)e to hear phone ringing when it is in my purse, I'm in the room. Very helpful. Explained my visits were not an inconvenience to her or the staff. I didn't feel rushed, all my questions were answered. Very comfortable speaking with Dr. Gordon. In and oy in

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Kathryn Ann W. Kozlinski, on Google

The Dr we saw is Great! Very thorough hearing exam. Patiently explained the use of the hearing aids and how to care for them. The office staff that files the insurance NOT so great. It took 7 weeks from initial visit for claim to be filed to Medicare so then secondary coverage could then be filed. Finally got hearing aids 4 months after first visit. There could be improvement on this side of the process.

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Tammy Ivie, on Google

Very polite

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Brian Bedsworth, on Google

Margaret is always plesant, and very Helpful. Bill arnett

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William Arnett, on Google

First time going there. Very courteous and helpful. Answered all my questions and explained everything to where I understood.

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Marla Wessner, on Google

Dr and receptionist were very nice, they made me feel welcome, dr explained what test he was doing and what I should do. Later explained the results, and helped me choose the right hearing aid. I’m very satisfied with my visit.

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Faye Keeton, on Google

The entire staff via are very professional and courteous.

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Denise Guzzardi, on Google

Had a problem with my hearing aid on my left ear. I took it in and they fixed it and did not charge me at all. I would highly recommend them for the good and economical job they do.

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Charles Fincher, on Google

Real nice. They assured me that help available if I need it.

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Jackie Moore, on Google

As usual, I had a great experience getting my hearing checked and hearing aids ordered. When you deal with people who treat you in a friendly way it makes a difference. At least it does to me. This is the third time I have trusted them with my hearing needs.

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Richard Welker, on Google

Great service love the place took time and talked to you about options for hearing loss.

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Kenneth Castillo, on Google

You done a wonderful job getting my mother-in-law’s hearing aid working same day service. Great job

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James Hine, on Google

Appointment went well. Doctor and staff were great, very friendly.

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Cynthia Tease, on Google

Johnathan at The Middle TN Hearing Aid Center in Lawrenceburg was very thorough and did a great job setting me up with my hearing aids. He showed me how to do the normal maintenance to keep the hearing aids working at their best. The receptionist was very friendly also. I have recommended them to a friend and do highly recommend The Middle TN Hearing Aid Center in Lawrenceburg.

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Don B, on Google

Great place listens to What your saying and cares

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Marcy Davis, on Google

Very friendly and informed place. They did a great job on my testing and had up to date products for my needs. Very good place.

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Rachel Richardson, on Google

My appointment wasn’t till 945, but we were in town got done early. They were very kind and went ahead and saw me early. Very good experience helped me with the whole process I would highly recommend.

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lynn bradley, on Google

I had a great experience at The Hearing Center

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Tammy Hill, on Google

Very knowledgeable and helpful!

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Rick Stewart, on Google

“Our daughter would come into the room and ask why I had the TV so loud. It’s nice to be able to be in the room with others and not have them going crazy with the loud volume. It’s a good feeling to now have the sound come right into my hearing aids.”

Patricia D.

“Being able to hear conversations the first time again, really understand them, was fabulous for me. Instead of asking my family to repeat themselves and try to visualize their lips as they talk, I had the opportunity to find that I just can close my eyes, listen, I would hear it and understand them.”

Dawn C.